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As I write this, it is now May 2024 and still, every time I go back to finalise various parts of this website, I have to re-read all the complex details that make up the whole, true, terrible story; my anxiety levels instantly begin to rise alarmingly. No matter what I do, finding the right words to finish the dreadful story is hard. The problem is that none of the COT cases, all honest Australian citizens, should have ever been forced into a situation that would eventually leave us all dealing with so many still-unaddressed crimes.  As this website clearly shows (see opposite →  The situation is worsened by those who worked with Telstra to carry out those still unaddressed crimes. Telstra has so much power that it can stop any authorities, including government authorities, from transparently investigating any of those crimes. It's time to end this injustice and hold those responsible accountable - Absent Justice - Documentary

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Absent Justice - My Story - Senator Ron Boswell

Threats made and carried out.

Page 180 ERC&A, from the official Australian Senate Hansard, dated November 29 1994, reports Senator Ron Boswell asking Telstra's legal directorate why were my FOI documents being withheld from me during my arbitration:

“Why did Telecom advise the Commonwealth Ombudsman that Telecom withheld FOI documents from Alan Smith because Alan Smith provided Telecom FOI documents to the Australian Federal Police during their investigation?”

After receiving a hollow response from Telstra, which the senator, the AFP and I all knew was utterly false, the senator states:

“…Why would Telecom withhold vital documents from the AFP? Also, why would Telecom penalise COT members for providing documents to the AFP which substantiate that Telecom had conducted unauthorised interceptions of COT members’ communications and subsequently dealt in the intercepted information by providing that information to Telecom’s external legal advisers and others?” (Senate Evidence File No 31)

As I have reiterated throughout this website, the threats against me during the arbitration proceedings came to fruition, and the withholding of pertinent documents is deeply concerning. Regrettably, neither the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman nor the government has investigated the detrimental impact of this malpractice on my overall submission to the arbitrator. Despite assisting the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in their investigation into the illicit interception of phone conversations and arbitration-related faxes, they never came to my aid.

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“…the very large number of persons that had been forced into an arbitration process and have been obliged to settle as a result of the sheer weight that Telstra has brought to bear on them as a consequence where they have faced financial ruin if they did not settle…”

Senator Carr

Absent Justice - Where was the Justice 

The following exhibit Senate Evidence File No 12shows I have been threatened twice, once on 16 August 2001 and again on 6 December 2004, that if I disclose the 6 and 9 July 1998 In-Camera Hansard, the Senate will have me charged with contempt of the Senate, even though these Hansards could well have won sixteen arbitration and mediation appeals (An Injustice to the remaining 16 Australian citizens)

Where is justice being served by the Senate, originally set up in Rome centuries ago to be a place for the people to access justice? Throwing me in jail for exposing the truth surrounding what the Senate found regarding Telstra's unethical conduct perpetrated against the COT Cases appears to be in conflict with the reason Australia has a Senate. I certainly do not want to end up in jail for exposing these Australian In-Camber Senate Hansard of 6 and 9 July 1998, which the Victoria Police Major Fraud Group supplied to me, thinking my releasing them publically would bring about an appeal for the remaining sixteen COT Cases the government has discriminated against in the most deplorable fashion. 

In fact, after one National Party senator, Ron Boswell, verbally attacked a very senior Telstra arbitration officer, stating, “You are really a disgrace, the whole lot of you,” he then apologised to the chair of the Senate committee, stating:

“Madam, I withdraw that, but I do say this: this has got a unity ticket going right through this parliament. This has united every person in this parliament – something that no-one else has ever had the ability to do – and Telstra has done it magnificently. They have got the Labor Party, they have got the National Party, they have got the Liberal Party, they have got the Democrats and they have got the Greens – all united in a singular distrust of Telstra. You have achieved a miracle.”

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