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Because of the seriousness of the most recent China and Solomon Islands sign security pact, Beijing says it is 'not directed at any third party' amid Pacific influence fears, I have also highlighted  this issue on my Weekly-Blog.

In my eyes, this blunder goes back years and years and is related to the Australian government not listening to officials in the Labor government back in the 1960s, that to trade with China at that time will finance our own distruction. What did Australia's Kim Beasly MP on 4 September 1965 on 4 September 1965 mean when he said " Chinese trade in war materials finances our own distruction" ?  

Please go to Bad Bureaucrats page and pages Julian Assange-Hacking / Chapter 2 - I am not alone  and  Australian Federal Police / Chapter 7- Viet Cong - Australian Wheat and form your own oinion as to whether Australia should have been trading with China during the period China was redistributing Australia's grain to North Vietnam while North Vietnam and its Vietcong guerrillas were  slaughtering Australia, New Zealand, and USA soldiers between 1965 and 1968. 


With the talk of the possibility of China being interested in building a navy base in the Solomons, among other installations, Australia should be reminded of what we did to assist China in their hour of need in the 1960s at the expense of our young citizens fighting in North Vietnam.

While the Financial Review might argue that supplying wheat to a starving China saved many lives, we must also ask how many Australian, New Zealand and US lives were lost after Australian wheat went to feed North Vietnam soldiers who then went into the jungle to kill as many Aussie, Kiwi and US troops as possible.

The Australian Financial Review editorial of 1 July 2021 argues that Australia’s position on wheat sales to China was rational. (How Australia defied US to sell wheat to a famine-starved China)

Who in the Australian Establishment in the 1960s decided whose lives were more important to save – the starving Chinese or the Aussie, Kiwi and US troops fighting a war they did not want to fight?

Further comments on this story are discussed below and on these pages - Julian Assange-Hacking/Chapter 2 - I am not alone and Australian Federal Police/Chapter 7- Viet Cong - Australian Wheat

Why didn't the Liberal and Country Party coalition government listen to what Kim Beasly MP in September 1965?

Had they done so, more Australian, New Zealand and USA troops might not have been slaughtered or maimed as they were. The fact that the Australian government profiteered and, by doing so, put many Australian, New Zealand and USA soldiers' lives at risk has never been transparently investigated. 

The following three statements taken from a report prepared by Australia's Kim Beasly MP on 4 September 1965 only tells part of this tragic episode concerning Australia's wheat deals (see  Vol. 87 No. 4462 (4 Sep 1965) - National Library of Australia › nla.obj-702601569 

"The Department of External Affairs has recently published an "Information Handbook entitled "Studies on Vietnam" .  It established the fact that the Vietcong are equipped with Chinese arms and ammunition"

If it is right to ask Australian youth to risk everything in Vietnam it is wrong to supply their enemies"

Australian trade commssioners do not so readily see that our Chinese trade in war materials finances our own distruction. NDr do they see so clearly that the wheat trade does the same thing."

With the talk about the possibility that China might be interested in building a navy base in the Solomons, among other installations, Australia should be reminded of what they did to assist China in their hour of need during the 1960s, at the expense of its young citizens fighting in North Vietnam and the citizens of its New Zealand and the USA friends. 

While the Financial Review might argue that supplying wheat to a starving China saved many Chinese lives, one must also ask how many Australian, New Zealand and USA lives were lost after Australia's wheat went into the bellies of the North Vietnam soldiers who, after eating that wheat went out onto the jungle to kill as many Aussie, Kiwi and USA troops as they could.

1 July 2021 — The editorial in The Australian Financial Review of August 28, 1967 argues why Australia's position on wheat sales to China was rational. ( › World › Asia - How Australia defied US to sell wheat to a famine-starved China

In the Australian Establishment back in the 1960s, who operated the scales to balance whose lives were the more important to save, the starving Chinese or the Aussie, Kiwi and USA troops fighting a war they did not want to fight?

 No one transparantly investigated my claims. Not once did any government official ask me how I discovered China was sending Australian wheat to Vietnam, even though the President of the United States of America, L.B Johnson, had branded Australia two faced.

Political favours, special awards, contracts for giant building projects, and the list goes on is how the corrupt system of government operates. These corrupt bureaucrats' selling Australian wheat to the Peoples Republic of China is only part of the story.

In January 2015, I provided official documentation to the office of the Prime Minister of Australia confirming, on 28 June 1967, in Melbourne, I signed onto a ship MS Hopepeak, crewed by British and West Indian seaman. A Britsh Seaman's Union representative informed me that the vessel was bound for Canada. I was NOT informed the ship was bound for The Peoples Repubic of China. It was only the following day, after I had signed articles (see British Seamans Record Book R744269 Open Letter to PM File No 1 Alan Smiths Seaman), that I was informed we were bound for for the Peoples Republic of China. 

The crew were horrified that Australia was trading and selling wheat to the People’s Republic of China. At the time, Mao Zedong’s communist government supported the North Vietnamese communist party. Australian and American troops were dying in the conflict with the North Vietnamese Viet Cong. Nothing made sense to the crew, or me.

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