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The following Kangaroo link been used here as a testament that for speaking out, you can be thrown in jail or made to become a fugitive, as has been the case with Shane Dowling. Clicking on will show the reader these types of threats are still being used against whistleblowers in Australia. I have used this Kangaroo Court example to support some of the cases discussed on
Kangaroo Court - Absent Justice Clicking on one of Shane Dowling's most recent topics clearly judges do commit injustices during their deliberation of cases they are supposed to be without bias. In the COT case arbitrations, the arbitrator did not act as he assured the COT Cases he and the government he would if they accepted him as their arbitrator. As can be seen from the various pages in Read about our dealings with the COT Cases, we were forced into arbitration by the arbitrator and the administrator under threat that if they did not sign the amended arbitration agreement, which had been covertly altered to the detriment of the COT Cases, then both the arbitrator and administrator would abandon the process leaving only the court to settle their dispute of ongoing telephone problems. ​


Absent Justice - Don+39t shoot the messenger

Why is telling the truth so difficult in Australian politics 

It is also important we include in our Julian Assange - Absent Justice pages with what Karina Barrymore, journalist at the Melbourne Herald Sun, wrote on 3 August 2016 concerning what she thought about whistleblowers. Had the government truly listened to the COT whistleblowers in 1995 and 1996 regarding their telephone faults, which were supposed to have been fixed during their government-endorsed Telstra arbitrations, perhaps the long-running NBN blowout would have not gone billions of dollars over budget. Sadly, Karina Barrymore’s statement below is right on target:

“Dobber, Snitch, Rat, Squealer. It’s insightful how the words used to describe a whistleblower are so negative. 

“Yet being honest and speaking the truth is supposed to be cornerstone of our society. A cornerstone of our families, communities, corporate world and government.

“So why aren’t we applauding and raising up these people, instead of shutting them down and ruining their lives.

“These ‘truth tellers’ are shunned and rejected. Telling the truth often means they lose their jobs, their reputations are deliberately trashed, their finances suffer, their mental health fails and all these factors flow on to damage their family, social and professional relationships.

“The whistleblowers have done their job, spoken the truth, suffered the consequences, lived the hardship and financial burden. But our corporate leaders, our regulators, our governments have not done their job.”

Karina Barrymore’s statement is right on target because the Australian Establishment, which includes ex-government ministers as well ex-senior members of two government regulators, are aware Dr Gordon Hughes, arbitrator to my arbitration, and Warwick Smith, administrator to the same process, acted in concert with the defendants and used their drafted arbitration agreement instead of the agreed totally independently drafted arbitration agreement drafted by Frank Shelton the then President of the Institute of Arbitrators Australia.

Our past interactions gave rise to several issues that we deem essential to address.

  1. First, we were subjected to electronic surveillance by the plaintiff during arbitration and Supreme Court appeal rulings. Such conduct is inimical to our rights as private individuals and is intolerable. Please refer to Chapter 4 Government spying/ Scandrett & Associates facsimile interception report, Open Letter File No/12 and File No/13 for further information.
  2. Second, the plaintiff carried out unaddressed threats during various arbitration, supreme and Federal court actions while being a defendant, creating an unsafe and hostile environment. Please see the Senate Evidence File No 31  for more detailed information.
  3. Third, the plaintiff withheld significant discovery documents during litigation, making it difficult for us to present a strong case. This behaviour is unacceptable, and we cannot let it go unchallenged. Please refer to Absent Justice Part 2 - Chapter 14 - Was it Legal or Illegal? for additional information.
  4. Fourth, the plaintiff tampered with evidence while defending claims against it for gross negligence, which is entirely unacceptable. Please consult Tampering With Evidence for further details.
  5. Fifth, the plaintiff relied on defective defence documents, which is indicative of a disregard for facts and is unacceptable. Please see Telstra’s Falsified BCI Reportdocument number 1756 for more information.
  6. Sixth, the government concealed vital evidence that it endorsed during an arbitration process, which is unacceptable. Please refer to AUSTEL’s Adverse Findings, particularly points 2 to 212, for further information.
  7. Seventh, vital evidence was excluded during a Federal Court Action and a similar arbitration process, which is unacceptable. Please read about it in Chapter 1 - The collusion continues and Chapter 2 - Inaccurate and Incomplete. We cannot let such conduct go unaddressed, and we will continue to fight for justice.
  8. -------------------------------------------------

To be continued: 

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Read about corruption exposed on ABC News Australia 28/02/2024 @, i.e., "A retired politician was cultivated by an international spy ring, and attempted to introduce spies to a prime minister's family." 

Could the unnamed retired politician who was cultivated by an international spy ring be the same politician or a member of the same political party who was responsible for trading with Australia's enemy during the North Vietnam War? Bribery and Corruption My Story Warts & All

The Australian Minister of Trade and Industry, Sir John McEwen, 1967, made a public statement that the British seafarers of the Hopepeak ship were refusing to take Australian wheat to Communist China because they were fearful for their lives, which was only an afterthought. When John McEwen knew this was not an afterthought. His selling of Australian wheat to Red China, aware it was feeding the North Vietnamese while Australia, New Zealand and the USA were at War with North Vietnam, was his only concern. 

China was named in March 2024 as the country behind the recruitment of 'traitor' MP refer to  

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My name is Alan Smith. This is the story of my battle with a telecommunications giant and the Australian Government. This battle has twisted and turned since 1992 through elected governments, government departments, regulatory bodies, the judiciary, and the Australian telecommunications giant, Telstra, or Telecom, as it was known when this story started. The quest for justice continues to this day. Nine publishers from all around the globe have published Absent Justice, which is now available for free in several languages.

Read about 'Mr Bates vs the Post Office' who took on the British government-owned Post Office,, who found similar irregular activities by public servants who tried to hide the truth surrounding the valid claims registered by Mr Bates and his Post Office friends who dared tackle the British owned Post Office. 


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“…the very large number of persons that had been forced into an arbitration process and have been obliged to settle as a result of the sheer weight that Telstra has brought to bear on them as a consequence where they have faced financial ruin if they did not settle…”

Senator Carr

In January 2018, my partner, Cathy, was with me for my first appointment with our local doctor after I had survived a heart attack and double bypass surgery. Although the doctor was very sympathetic to my situation (and knows my COT story), he couldn’t help but ask:  “Why am I not surprised?”

As I write this, it is now January 2024. Still, every time I go back to finalise various parts of our website at, I have to re-read all the complex details that make up the whole, true, terrible story; my anxiety levels instantly begin to rise alarmingly. The situation worsens, though, because I also find I am just stuck; I seem unable to find the right words to finish this dreadful story. It seems that, no matter what I do, I can’t find a way to adequately explain this disaster that we have all struggled with for so many years. One part of the problem is, of course, that none of the COT cases – all honest Australian citizens – should ever have been forced into a situation that would eventually leave us all dealing with so many still-unaddressed crimes; crimes that were committed against us while we were officially part of a government-endorsed, legal, arbitration process. There are two parts to this problem for the COTs. However, to begin with, some are now identified on this website who worked with Telstra to carry out those still-unaddressed crimes, and then there is Telstra, an organisation with so much power that they could stop any authorities (including government authorities) from investigating any of those crimes → Refer to the 53 examples attached in our Evidence Files Corruption in Arbitration.


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